CI for LaTeX Documents

Developed a Continuous Integration workflow for LaTeX documents to publish the latest copy of document into a dropbox folder. Also wrote a bash script that generates new tags for commits to be deploy the PDFs into GitHub Releases as well.

TechStack: Travis, Jenkins, Docker, XeLaTex, Bash


Developed an Android app to manage inventory for food orders. The orders are taken through a Google form and the responses are sent to firebase. App contains an event listener which is triggered upon new order and sends a notification to the user.

TechStack: Android, Java, AppScript, Firebase, Google Forms

Football Gallery

Developed a front-end gallery app containing images of my favorite football players with captions. The app was made responsive using plain CSS and JS. Learnt about adaptive layouts, responsive layouts, DOM and callback functions.

TechStack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Nodemon

Blockchain Node

Developed a nodejs web app for a blockchain client node. Used ExpressJS to implement asynchronous GET and POST requests that allows peer nodes to communicate with each other on the Blockchain. Learnt about promises.

TechStack: NodeJs, ExpressJs, Postman

Fee Management

Developed a commandline app in C++ to manage fees of students. Used features such as file handling, object oriented design, functional programming to implement functions for registering and searching students, displaying and modifying fees structure and more.

TechStack: Cpp