Blockchain based CDN

Working under Dr. Atin Mukherjee as a Research Assistant in NIT Rourkela. My research deals with investigating Blockchain perspectives and challenges and creating a distributed content delivery network with load balancing, DDoS mitigation and smart contracts. This project will enable web hosting companies to utilise their idle resources to generate revenue.

TechStack: Nodejs, Python, Raspberry Pi, Solidity, Metamask, BitTorrent

Proxy Master

Participated in Kharagpur Winter of Code (KWoC) to contribute to open source repositories by student mentors. Proxy Master is a bash script which allows to set/unset proxy for frequently used commands in Debian/Ubuntu. Contributed to code refractory, modified configurations and built a static website containing the instructions to run the script.

TechStack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bash, Git